“Julie has been sophus3’s HR consultant during the past 5 years. During that time sophus3 has grown from a “start-up” company with few HR related policies to an established SME with a sensible set of HR standards and policies in place. Julie has guided us through this process extremely well. Apart from her excellent structural support she has also been able to help us on an ad hoc basis with any HR issues that have surfaced from time to time. As such she has provided us the required support whenever we have needed it. All deliverables to date have been nothing short of excellent. We look forward to our continued work with HR Solutions."

Marcus Hodgkinson, Managing Director, sohpus3 -

“Our business prides itself on the performance of our people and key to this is HR. HR Solutions not only supports our in-house HR function, but also provides excellent support to my Business Partner and I as Owner/Founders, in developing our business through people. Julie understands our ethos and always ensures that any advice and guidance given is in line with our values."

John Nevens, Owner, Bridgethorne Ltd -

“From a small business perspective, Julie provides an ideal solution - you only pay for her direct contact time, therefore it is very cost effective and a solution that works well. Julie is always professional, provides helpful advice and can advise on a wide range of HR issues. I would recommend Julie for your business."

Georgina Clarke, Director, New Approaches Ltd -

“Julie provides on-time, practical, legally compliant HR advice and guidance for our business and is a valuable support to our in-house HR function.”

Mike Milner, President, Altus UK LLP -