Psychometrics, also known as psychological testing, is the term used to describe objective measuring instruments which identify individual abilities and characteristics. Psychological tests may assess ability, aptitude, personality, interests and motivation.

Ability is measured by specific psychometric tests and personality is measured by psychometric questionnaires (“profiling”).

Psychometrics has many applications throughout the employment lifecycle. In organizations it is used:

  • for selection, development and management of people
  • to help in career management
  • for support to counselling
  • for team building
  • competency profiling
  • individual development programmes
  • and stress management.

Additionally, psychometrics can be used to give an objective assessment of a candidate’s ability in disciplines such as:

  • numeracy
  • logic
  • verbal understanding
  • diagrammatic reasoning skills.

Using tests and questionnaires can help match candidates to jobs, identify individual capabilities and predict on-the-job performance. This allows for greater output and efficiency, higher morale, reduced turnover and lower training costs. In recruitment, psychometric profiling will help you to identify the personality and competencies of an individual. It can help you identify his or her leadership style, team type, the impact he or she will have on a team and many other aspects. Prior to development activities, psychometric profiling tools can help identify the specific development needs of your group and to understanding the individual characteristics of the participants that may impact upon the training programme.

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